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Keeping busy doing what you love chases away


Keeping busy doing what you love chases away negative thoughts.  Watching this wonderful video from Al Jazeera English (find their Youtube channel here) spotlights Elmer Long of Oro Grande, CA (a.k.a. The Bottletree Man – read his blog here).  Elmer has

At one time, Elmer claims he was a different person and now he’s balanced himself out ‘I don’t allow a bad thought to go across my head….and it’s beautiful’ likening thoughts to a windshield wiper.  Elmer receives many visitors to his bottle garden, some offering money for his art (which he says is not for sale, as he’s not a business).

Another site – The Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors, shows more photos from Elmer’s work here.

Yet another example of doing what you love!

(Watch video here) Youtube Inspiring Videos

Watch more videos from on Youtube


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