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Things to Do In Los Angeles – Artist Date: Carroll Avenue Walk, Angelino Heights (Downtown LA)



Carroll Avenue in Angelino Heights (Downtown Los Angeles – near Echo Park, CA).

Carroll Avenue (and surrounding neighborhood streets) feels like you are transported into CandyLand.

This neighborhood is a mixture of immaculate Victorian homes, a few Craftsman style houses, and other DIY/LA artistic type dwellings set against the backdrop of the LA cityscape.


Tips for checking out the neighborhood/walking:

Bring water, a hat and sunscreen.

If you go on a cloudy morning (very few in Los Angeles), you may spot a flock of green parrots.

Use a bathroom beforehand – LA is difficult to find a public restroom.

Remember this is also someone else’s neighborhood, so please be respectful (they all seem like nice folks).  This includes taking intrusive photos, parking on the street and noise level.




Your artist will love you for taking them here.  So many well cared for homes and tons if character!  There is even a Meet-Up Group for it.



Artist Date is a term coined from Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way.’ The Other Path is in no way affiliated with The Artist Way (but we do love Ms. Cameron’s books). Youtube Inspiring Videos

Watch more videos from on Youtube



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