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Things to Do in Los Angeles – Artist Date: Eaton Canyon Nature Center

Eaton_Canyon_Nature_Preserve_Altadena_CA_The_Other_Path_3 copy

Things to Do in Los Angeles – Artist Date – Eaton Canyon Nature Center, Altadena, CA (626) 398-5420

1750 N. Altadena Dr, Pasadena, CA 91107


Nestled at the bottom of the San Gabriel Mountains, Eaton Canyon is a beautiful hiking area and nature center in Altadena, CA.

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Eaton_Canyon_Nature_Preserve_Altadena_CA_The_Other_Path_5 copy

This park is open from sunrise to sunset and has public restrooms, a fair amount of free parking, easy trails to treacherous hikes, and waterfalls. Additionally, they also have a nature center/gift shop that features a few rescued live reptiles (encased in glass), historical features on the area, animal inhabitants, and flora/fauna information.

There are several areas you can walk which are smaller offshoots if the main trails.

Eaton_Canyon_Nature_Preserve_Altadena_CA_The_Other_Path_9 copy

Eaton_Canyon_Nature_Preserve_Altadena_CA_The_Other_Path_6 copy

Tips for going:

-Bring water, a hat, snacks and sunscreen (there may be a soda vending machine outside the Nature Center).

-If you’re afraid of heights, the waterfall path may be a better option.  As you ascend to the top of the mountain, there are steep drop-offs with no trail guard railings.  Mountain bikers beware of sharp twists and turns.  (Note: As of August 2014, certain parts of trails are closed due to this reason and recent rescue efforts).

-It can be a wonderful hike and you will probably always have companion walkers nearby (which is comforting if you’re wilderness phobic or daunting if you crave solitude).  If you’re if the latter, best to go on weekdays that are non-Holidays.

-There is a picnic area with shaded tables and are somewhat sandy.

-Watch out for red ‘ Leaves of Three – Leave Them Be.’


Eaton_Canyon_Nature_Preserve_Altadena_CA_The_Other_Path_7 copy

Eaton_Canyon_Nature_Preserve_Altadena_CA_The_Other_Path_1 copy

Check out one of the many groups to hike Eaton Canyon here.


Artist Date is a term coined from Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way.’ The Other Path is in no way affiliated with The Artist Way (but we do love Ms. Cameron’s books). Youtube Inspiring Videos

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