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Best Friends – When Our Pet Is The Only ‘One’ Who Gets Us

Have to admit….I only feel comfortable around those who embrace the human-animal bond.  Maybe I’m strange…..These types are usually sensitive (if not a little too much so) and attempt to … Continue reading

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When I was younger, my sensitivity confused me. Coming from a family which embraces scientific fact over possibility did not lend itself to understand extreme sensitivity, psychic phenomena and empathy. … Continue reading

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Love, Self, and Relationships – Understanding and Healing Co-dependency

Great video found on co-dependency, love, self, and relationships from Youtube user Unification Now (Empathic Amanda).

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Edith Fiore’s ‘The Unquiet Dead’

It’s been close to 20 years since I purchased a copy of Edith Fiore’s ‘The Unquiet Dead.’  I bought it at the advice of a hypnotherapist I saw during this … Continue reading

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When People Talk – Gossip: Engage or Walk Away?

We’ve glanced at the supermarket tabloid only to see that ‘evil’ reality star beauty whose life is in shambles.  We’ve talked with other neighbors about the unlucky fate of a … Continue reading

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Hope for Victims of Workplace Bullying

If you’ve been a victim of workplace bullying (also called “mobbing”) or are currently being bullied, there are several free online sources in which to find relief. First off, know … Continue reading

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Intuitive Hits – When to Share and When to Keep Our Mouths Shut

  If you’re like most “sensitive” aware people, you receive intuitive hits.  Information downloads in your mind regarding the environment and individuals around you. Those who are used to intuitive … Continue reading

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What is Ecopsychology?

While Googling ‘Nature Therapy’ on Youtube, we came across a new term: Ecopsychology Definition of ecopsychology (from Wikipedia): Ecopsychology connects psychology and ecology. The political and practical implications are to … Continue reading

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The Highly Sensitive Person

The Highly Sensitive Person: How To Thrive When the World Overwhelms You By Author Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D. We highly recommend this gem! If you’re empathic, feel overwhelmed in crowds or … Continue reading

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Oxfam’s ‘Green Granny’ – One of Our Favorite How-To Video Series

Oxfam’s adorable Green Granny (a.k.a. Barbara Warmsley) provides a series of tips and ideas for saving money and living better.

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