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When I was younger, my sensitivity confused me.

Coming from a family which embraces scientific fact over possibility did not lend itself to understand extreme sensitivity, psychic phenomena and empathy.

A memory pivotal at this time for me occurred at the age of 14.   Having a vivid, powerful dream regarding a sequence of events that would take place in another state, hundreds of miles from where I lived,  I clearly remember watching  (during the dream) a newscaster recount the events of this severe occurrence (leaving out the details for many reasons).

I told only my best friend about this dream.  We both shrugged them off as interesting, but rather boring as it related to nothing in our own teen lives at the time.

After the third day of this dream with similar themes, I was home (awake) watching television.  A news blast for the 5 o’clock stories blared over the television.   The story consisting of my series of three dreams was the top breaking news.  I remember feeling sick to my stomach.

Being raised by a single mother who had most of her beliefs rooted in fear and doubt did not help.   She did not believe in anything spiritual, otherworldly, or divine.   I felt compelled to tell her what had happened, however, I was hesitant of her response.

“You believed you’ve caused this occurrence to happen in another state?”  She asked once I broke down and told her.

“No…..I don’t think so.  I’m not sure why I would dream this?”  I replied, confused and ashamed that these ‘poisonous’ thoughts which had entered my brain at night.

Years would go by….many other dreams…..and fear at night over going to sleep.  Drugs and other addictions would enter the picture.

Until one day while in my early thirties, an acquaintance said something to me that changed my reasons for addiction and some of my other troubles.

“What if you were trying to kill these thoughts?  What if you were so scared of this ‘gift’ that you dulled it with substances and distractions.”

Although I believe we have many reasons for our own depression and addictions, I wondered how many other young people had premonitions and were scolded for them or were misunderstood by the people who loved them (or casual/non-casual passersby who claimed they were delusional or mentally ill)?

I realized how scary it is to be told you are crazy for believing in future events.

Possibly now (in 2013), sensitivity is embraced as part of the fad of vampires, 2012 consciousness shift and new age living.  However, it still must be troubling to people who don’t want some of it, as you cannot only forecast positive things.  There will be dark events that you may pick up on.

One quote I vaguely remember reading was ‘So you want to be intuitive, but only desire to pick up on good things.  Not a chance.  Dark and Light exist.  There is no way to shut out both.”

What if a scared, 14 year old sensitive came to me currently for advice?

I would tell them:

*Your feelings are real… But give them some time before you act on them.  We are not always correct.  Sometimes ‘signals’ get crossed and we pick up on simultaneous events.

*Although you may have a glimpse into someone else’s life… Or have strong gut feelings about them…. Often times these are better kept to you and only you.  Their life, problems and more are their business and no one else.   Refrain from telling people things unless specifically asked.  And if asked, use caution and consider your own motives (ego, spite, the need to be right)  before saying something.
*Even if your sense of ‘knowing’ or intuition maybe more acute than others, it’s best to not label yourself as such unless this is your chosen vocation. Many people fear such things or simply don’t believe in them.  It’s best to let actions speak louder than words. Just because your intuition is often correct, it’s best to always keep a healthy reserve of ‘I’m not 100 percent correct.’
*Use nature, art, music, alone time, taking a bath/shower and being with animals as your recharge.
*Stay away from things that purposefully numb you…. Like addictive substances such as food, alcohol, drugs, shopping, overwork, celebrity gossip, and any other thing you know are used to ‘check out.’

*When going into uncomfortable situations, find what grounds you, visualizations, mantras, taking a bath or shower afterward, going for a hike.  I hate to admit it, but sometimes using your cell phone in uncomfortable situations is a great distraction (such as sitting around waiting for something and using it to focus your energy elsewhere if negativity exists in the room – not while driving, of course).

Here is an incredibly helpful post entitled ‘The Joys and Pitfalls of Being an Empath –  Being an Empath is a Double Edged Sword‘ by Sylvia Brallier Youtube Inspiring Videos

Watch more videos from on Youtube


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