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Gifts from the Universe – Wild Green Parrot Flock Takes Over BackYard

Green Parrot 2 Flock Wild Found in Back Yard Nature Animal video

(Watch the video here)

Some times the Universe sends you small gifts, like the one featured above.  Upon returning home from a busy day in California traffic, to my surprise 17 to 20 wild green Parrots sat quietly in my back yard munching on flowers.  The cats surveyed these interesting creatures from the window, along with a curious neighbour dog (who looks over the fence at the end of the video).

This scenario reminds me of a wonderful documentary from 2003 entitled ‘The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill.’  If you haven’t seen it and love a beautiful story about what it means to get up every day with purpose, I hope you take a look at the film.  It is truly worth your time and will change you once you’ve watched it. Youtube Inspiring Videos

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