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Edith Fiore’s ‘The Unquiet Dead’

It’s been close to 20 years since I purchased a copy of Edith Fiore’s ‘The Unquiet Dead.’  I bought it at the advice of a hypnotherapist I saw during this time.  She was highly-skilled, but also quite expensive lady.  Her sessions were like gold to me.  Regrettably, I could not keep up the payments.  However, her advice to me was to purchase Edith’s book on spirits or entities inhabiting peoples’ bodies and causing them emotional trauma.

Flash forward almost two decades and I came across these two great video interviews of Dr. Fiore which has rekindled my interest in this topic.

Although I cannot claim I’m a total believer in entities taking possession of peoples’ mind and body, I admit to being highly intrigued.  Dr. Fiore is a fascinating and believable interview (as you’ll see once you watch).

When I purchased the book, I remember reading it with a guarded interest.  It’s an amazing read.  Again, skeptical I remain but I will share this with you.  It was close to 1:00 a.m. on a weekend night when I shared the book with my then boyfriend, reading it to each other.  He seemed to mock it while turning its pages.  Both of us were high and troubled despite being so young.  If my memory serves, we may have been reading about the dead sending messages to the living.

And then …… the sound of breaking glass.

We stop joking around.

Listening for clues …. there was nothing but silence.

Terrified, we put the book away.  Our youthful arrogance is no longer big and bold.  We are scared.

The next morning we investigate this breaking glass which came from my seventh story balcony that early a.m.  A light fixture had shattered into thin air.  Why?  We will never know.  My male friend was certain it was his brother, who had died several years earlier in a solo collision drunk driving accident.  The two brothers were close.  His family would never be the same.

Coincidence?  We’re not sure.  I never did regain interest in ‘The Unquiet Dead’ until now, seeing Edith Fiore’s interview.

From brief recent study, I’m hearing that people believe spirit possession has to mean a full demonic stranglehold (see Linda Blair in ‘The Exorcist.’).  Although this may happen, what seems to be the case is that people who are vulnerable, such as those with illnesses, chemical addictions, or highly sensitive empathic people may be too open and thereby unwillingly allow a troubled soul who has failed to ‘cross over’ into their being.  This entity does not know it’s dead.  Instead they seek to relive their existence and possible addictions through the living being.

What I have also read is that they are scared away by ‘the light.’  Negativity, bullying and warnings do not deter these entities (or energy matrix as Dr. Fiore terms) from parasitic activity.  Instead love drives them off.  Still learning…. Hoping you find this interesting.


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