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Intuitive Hits – When to Share and When to Keep Our Mouths Shut



If you’re like most “sensitive” aware people, you receive intuitive hits.  Information downloads in your mind regarding the environment and individuals around you.

Those who are used to intuitive hits have come to trust themselves.  We believe our ‘gut’ is an accurate predictor of what’s surrounding us.  We use it to navigate through life like an internal GPS system.  We’re also more than happy to share our knowledge with others.  The knowledge can be helpful or an ego boost to prove we are correct (I know, shame on me, but it’s true).

The trick is knowing when to share and when to keep our empathic mouths shut.  Spiritual teachings often advise to keep the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy in place unless this is part of our work as a healer or if a friend/family member specifically asks an opinion.

Sharing intuitive hits without prior consent from another person can be damaging and interferes with one’s life path.

I once worked as a hostess in a high-end restaurant.  The same fascinating wealthy patrons attended the bar portion of the establishment day after day.  Despite having money at a time when most people were losing theirs, they drank away the days, mingling with other well-off and thirsty peers.  None of them appeared happy.  It was not my place to counsel them, only the listen and provide that extra napkin or straw if needed.  I certainly had a laundry list of intuitive hits about them – none of which I shared.

Many drinkers I’ve known are quite intuitive while consuming alcohol. I’ve noticed my ability to read a situation is quite accurate when I’ve had a few glasses of wine.  Alcohol stills the mind and information enters, that a busy, frenetic state might not pick up. I’m not advising this as a way to see into the future, only as an observation.  Aside from alcoholism being a progressive disease, I’ve often wondered if problem drinkers do so because they see too much truth about others and themselves.

One patron in particular loved to talk.  He claimed to be a millionaire real estate investor who was intuitive.  On a particularly bad day of drinking, he decided to size me up as I changed out the bar cash register, dropping each intuitive hit he had about me like a cinderblock.  I politely discouraged him from continuing, with little success.  When he was through with my assessment, I felt deflated.  Although he was correct about most of what he said, his delivery was unkind.  That day I made a mental note never to do the same to someone else. Youtube Inspiring Videos

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Having the ability to see thing clearly in my dreams at night, the Universe often sends me glimpses into other peoples’ lives.  For many years I did not know why this was happening.  These dreams could be about benign things, such as someone having an old fold-out ironing board in their apartment or someone’s mother owning a collection of colorful vases.  I would tell people what I had dreamt and they would verify it to be true.  Then we’d laugh it off saying “How weird.  Wonder why I had a dream about this?”

Other times I’d dream stuff not so vanilla in nature; deaths, car accidents, jealousies, unkind spouses, abusive parents.  I felt a huge burden placed on my shoulders.  In no way did I want to tell people what I had dreamt for fear they’d think I was crazy or become afraid, labeling me as evil in some way.  Reading up on it, I learned it was not my business to divulge this information.

What I began to see is that the Universe sends me snippets of peoples’ lives as a way to understand these individuals and myself. These were often people I was, or in the future, having some type of issue with.  It is my belief that I was shown this information as a way of having future compassion for them (although many times I did not).

A situation that cemented keeping intuitive hits to myself was with a woman whom I’ll call “Mary.”  She seemed nice at first, always curious about me, smiling, cheery, until I learned she was not to be trusted.  My instinct was then to keep my conversation extremely limited to the things which I term “positive PR.”  In other words, I did not mind if she spread this information about me because it was harmless, happy stuff.  However, Mary wanted more information from me as I gave her less.  She wanted me to divulge more than I was willing to give, despite being a co-worker I knew casually.  As she pushed for more details about my life, I retreated.  She became more insistent and the dance continued.

In a dream one night I was shown that her marriage of several decades had been extremely unhappy and her husband treated her badly.  Despite everything looking well on the outside, it appeared to be a depressing situation.  Upon waking, I knew my duty was to keep this information to myself.  Believe me, at times I was tempted to unleash on her, as she begin to make things harder for me, inquiring about my relationship with my spouse in front of others, throwing out backhanded compliments, etc.  I began to walk the other way when seeing her at work.

One day on the job, she burst into tears in front of several workers, claiming that her daughter was missing and feared her dead.  The police were searching for the girl.  My gut told me that her daughter was crying out for help and was still very much alive.  Crossing the boundaries and weary of her from years of whispers and gossip, I suggested that maybe the daughter was still alive and needed medication for depression.  I took a chance telling her my intuitive hit before she left for the police search.

The daughter was found alive that night and later diagnosed with a mental illness.  I believe Mary felt a bit relieved in my brief conversation with her before she left from work that day, although our dance continued until we both moved on from the job.  To this day, my experience with Mary has taught me that although we may have distinct details about someone’s life, we should probably keep it to ourselves.  I’m not sure if I did the right thing in telling her my thoughts about the daughter.   I began to understand why I was shown this initial dream about her family life.  Maybe it was my job to help her, which instead I retreated due to her love of workplace chatter.  I will never really know.

Especially as sensitivity blossoms, we want to share our new found knowledge.  I can remember years of this knowledge being so strong that I had no filter system in which to stop it.  My vision would be verbally announced at the slightest provocation.

Sharing intuitive hits may appear is if we’re being helpful, however, question your motives to share.  Is it ego, is it to warn or help?  How do we know when to interfere in another’s fate?

Intuitive hits still slip out for me, which are usually silly observations.  I have been working on training myself to smile and nod. Youtube Inspiring Videos

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