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Is it Intuition or am I too Sensitive?


Folk singer Jewel said it best:

“I’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way” from her album Pieces of You.

As survival and the quest for money become more competitive, feelings are stifled down in order to keep up.  Not merely keeping up with “The Joneses,” but with payments in order to live a life similar to one we may have had a few years back. We need everything faster these days.  Time is money.

It makes sense to blame over-sensitivity on an individual who cannot (or refuses) to withstand these new found pressures.  An overly emotional anything is tough to be around.  What if the frenetic new world feels overwhelming?

When is our intuition too much for society?  When is do our perceptions, gut feelings and need for personal space in a cluttered world simply mean we’re “too sensitive?”  Usually someone who is reactive instead of proactive is labeled in this manner.

Intuition exists in all of us.  Some possess higher degrees of it through meditation, heredity and time spent in nature.

Often times those who negate your feelings seek for us to stifle them down – they’ll throw you the sensitive label to make the situation to their liking.

What if others’ moods rub off on you.  How do you ground yourself when out in the world?

Writer Eckhart Tolle speaks about the collective “pain body.”  He says if one is sensitive enough, just by visiting another country, you can feel the level of pain existing in this place simply by stepping off an airplane.  He refers to places like Russia or Eastern Europe where decades of pain have existed can be especially sensitive places for those who pick up public emotions.

In her book “Are You Really Too Sensitive?: How to Understand and Develop Your Sensitivity As the Strength It Is” by Marcy Calhoun she discusses tips on grounding yourself in public places.

A Huffington Post article entitled ‘Are You Highly Empathic‘ makes an interesting case for people who pick up others’ emotions, feel a loved one’s physical pain and more.  A comment by Huff Post reader says it best:

This type of person would be called a weakling by a lot of people especially in a capitalist society. You know, someone that needs to toughen up and get over their emotions and feelings. I am this type of person. It’s nice to hear something positive about this trait. “




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