Living Different

Five Low-Cost Fun Activities


1).  People watch at a museum – the most fascinating individuals frequent museums!  If you can’t sit outside (and don’t want to pay admission), take a stroll around the block.  Remember some of your favorite museum patrons and then write something (play, short story, screenplay) based on some interesting life you envision them living.

2). Visit your local library and check out some inspirational books on CD.  Even at a local smaller library, I was shocked at what wonderful audio title they carried.  Play while resting, cleaning or being creative.

3).  Visit a local garden or take a tour of a historical home nearby.  Sometimes the docent are volunteers who thoroughly enjoy their jobs.  Hopefully their joy at how they spend their days rubs off.

4). Walk to your errands.  I realize this is easier said than done (weather and distance permitting).  Director Werner Herzog said that life can only truly be felt while on foot.  Plus it saves costly gas and gets one exercise.

5). Interview someone whom you admire.  You be surprised who will allow you access to their time when you ask for an interview.  It allows someone to share what they’ve learned and it’s nice to be asked.  In turn, you may learn some valuable tips on how and why someone got to where they are.  If you have no angle, begin a blog and start there.


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